What to Expect

Making an Appointment

Your first call will offer you the opportunity to ask questions and determine if this will be a good fit before you schedule an appointment.

Therapist, Psychologist and the Physician Assistantat Gold Circle Counseling make their own appointments. When you call us at 402-333-6950, please listen to the prompt for providers extension to make an initial appointment. Leave a message on their voice mail, and they will return your call. At the time of the call, personal and insurance information will be collected.


Psychotherapy sessions run 30-55 minutes in duration. Your first visit will be a review of your personal history, including what brought you to therapy. This exchange will then enable the medical provider or therapist to develop a plan to address your issues.


There are forms to complete before your initial visit, and you can either download Forms and print them, come into the office 20 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin to fill out the paperwork or the provider will forward the forms to your email via and encrypted email that you can send back. Please bring your insurance card and information.

Gold Circle Counseling reception area.

Gold Circle Counseling reception area.